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Magical diaphragm filter plate of diaphragm filter press. 

From our previous introduction to the diaphragm filter press, we know that this type of equipment uses two different filter plates to form the filter chamber of the equipment in a staggered form, and these two kinds of filter plates contain a kind of filter called diaphragm filter plate. it is the only filtering device that uses this kind of filter plate.

For the diaphragm filter press, it is the use of this diaphragm filter plate, there is such a so-called, we can see the importance of the diaphragm filter plate in this kind of filter press equipment. In the normal operation of this kind of equipment, the working state of the first half of the work, the filtration stage, is basically the same as that of the chamber filter press, and then the next operation is different. it will inject fillers into the diaphragm filter plate, so that the diaphragm filter plate will expand, and the internal pressure of the diaphragm filter plate can reach 4 MPA, so that the expanded filter plate can further reduce the filter cake space. So as to reduce the moisture in the filter cake as much as possible. 

The main function of the secondary extrusion dewatering of the diaphragm filter press is the diaphragm filter plate, which can be said to be unable to complete the work of the second half of the diaphragm filter press without the diaphragm filter plate. 

Let's talk about the casting of diaphragm filter plate. Diaphragm filter plate in order to achieve a hollow structure, so the two isolation filter plates must be cast together facing the back, surrounded by polypropylene material sealed. Thus it can be seen that the manufacturing method of the diaphragm filter plate is completely different from that of other filter presses. The manufacturing sequence of other filter plates is to be shaped first, and then to make the filter plate surface, while the diaphragm filter plate is used as the filter plate surface first in order to merge casting. 

Finally, the shape of the diaphragm filter plate. In this way, the filter plate adopts a non-sunken filter plate surface, but there is still a blind spot on the surface, a shunt channel is arranged in the middle of the filter plate surface, and there will also be a flow channel at the bottom. This is the shape description of the diaphragm filter plate. 

The diaphragm filter plate plays an extremely important role in the diaphragm filter press and plays a key role in the core role of the equipment.