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The diaphragm filter plate is composed of two diaphragms and a core plate, which flows into the external medium (water or compressed air, etc.) into the chamber between the core plate and the diaphragm, so as to make the diaphragm bulge and compress the filter cavity composed of the diaphragm filter plate and the box filter plate. and then better separation, improve solid content.Among them, the diaphragm is the main moving part, and repeated movement can easily cause the diaphragm to deform and then damage. 

The rubber diaphragm filter plate diaphragm is generally embedded in the groove of the core plate, which is easy to disassemble and replace, because the rubber diaphragm has high elasticity, so it is not easy to damage. 

Polypropylene filter plate diaphragm is generally made by integral welding, and the welded diaphragm can not be replaced. 

Polypropylene filter plate diaphragm is generally made by integral welding, and the welded diaphragm can not be replaced. 

2 advantages. 
1. Short filtering time. 

With the increase of filtration time, the growth rate of filter cake becomes slower and slower. In order to reduce the residual humidity in the filter residue, the filter plate frame and box filter plate need a longer filtration time, while the use of JVK diaphragm filter plate can greatly shorten the filtration time. The required residual humidity is achieved by mechanical extrusion of the elastic diaphragm. 

Residual humidity after diaphragm filter plate filtration: 

A = end point of diaphragm filter plate filtration. 

B = end point of box filter plate filtration.

C = residual humidity of diaphragm filter plate after extrusion. 

A` and C` possible results depending on the operation. 

The best operating point A can be determined after several filtering cycles. 

2. Short washing time. 

The use of usual filter components will cause uneven formation of filter cakes, such as uneven washing due to wrinkling or cracking. Due to the light pressure of the diaphragm in the washing process, the JVK diaphragm filter plate avoids this non-uniformity. Due to the formation of uniform capillary structure in the filter cake, the washing effect is very good, and the washing liquid consumption can be greatly reduced. 

3. Low residual humidity. 

The high pressure filtration needed in the filtration process is replaced by the extrusion process of the filter cake by the high elastic diaphragm. The extrusion process is not along the direction of the filter surface, but the transverse direction of the filter surface. In the shortest time, the residual humidity in the filter cake decreased significantly and the filtrate outflow increased significantly. The benefits are as follows: 

Save energy costs. 
The special vacuum process makes the solid content almost 100%. 
Air drying process shortening. 
The filter cake has less adhesion to the filter cloth. 
The time of discharging filter cake is obviously shortened. 
The filtering process can be automated. 
The cost of the pump is reduced. 
Because the filter cake is dense and dry, the transportation cost is reduced. 
Save the cost of storage. 

4. Diaphragm replaceable. 

The diaphragm can be easily replaced inside or outside the filter press. If either side of the traditional diaphragm board is damaged, the whole diaphragm board should be replaced. The diaphragm board is a moving part of the board, so the maintenance cost needs to be considered. On the other hand, either side of the detachable diaphragm plate can be replaced separately, and the core board continues to be used, which greatly reduces the cost of maintenance and replacement. 

5. The closing force of the filter press does not act directly on the diaphragm. 

The edge of the diaphragm only extends in front of the seal of the diaphragm filter board itself. Therefore, the closing force of the filter press does not act on the diaphragm, but only on the sealing surface of the core plate of the filter plate. 

6. High elasticity of diaphragm. 

Due to its good elasticity, the diaphragm can adjust itself to the non-uniform cake surface formed during filtration and the cake diaphragm with different packing density without permanent deformation.This feature ensures the most uniform and best filter cake extrusion. The maximum pressure of JVK diaphragm filter plate can reach 60bar, which can meet a variety of industry applications.

7. The diaphragm motion will not fail even in the cavity state. 

The diaphragm is fixed in a stress-free position. No matter how deep the chamber is, the diaphragm can be extruded into the cavity without fault. 

The diaphragm filter plate of JVK does not have any bolted connection and is completely sealed by the structure of the rubber diaphragm itself. Even if the filter press is turned on due to misoperation of the pressure inside the diaphragm chamber, the diaphragm on the JVK diaphragm filter plate will eject the filter plate according to the pressure and release the pressure, as long as it is reinstalled. The traditional diaphragm filter plate is generally welded or bolted, which is bound to be damaged. 

8. There is no time limit for diaphragm movement. 

The gradual step-up and step-down in the process of feeding, washing and pressing will be neglected in some cases.When using JVK diaphragm filter plate, this process can be optimized. 

9. The filter plate system has good tightness. 

The sealing treatment of the filter plate core plate is carried out in accordance with the German industrial standard DIN 7129. The diaphragm is fixed at the periphery, so the sealing performance of the chamber is very good. The CGR design structure is a completely sealed structure of the JVK diaphragm filter plate. 

10. Large cross section of filtrate outlet channel. 

The diameter and number of filtrate outflow channels from the filter surface to the filter plate core plate are set according to the application needs. The maximum diameter of the outlet channel can reach 10mm, so the filtrate discharge can be very large, and the outlet channel will not be blocked by solid particles or crystals. 

11. A wide range of applications. 

The raw materials used by JVK ensure that the products can be used in almost all industries and can be adapted to every specific working condition. The diaphragm made of special elastic system and the core board of diaphragm filter plate made of special material, JVK diaphragm filter plate can be used for: 

Temperature from-20 °C to + 140 °C. 
Filter pressure up to 15bar. 
Press pressure up to at least 25bar. 
Extreme temperature change (sudden temperature change). 
Special chemical requirements. 

12. High safety of diaphragm system. 

There is no screw or welding connection between the sealing surface of the diaphragm and the core plate. The pressure of the extruded medium behind the diaphragm can only be maintained by a closed filter press. If the filter press is open or just opened, but there is pressure in the diaphragm, the diaphragm will immediately move away from the fixing slot, resulting in a non-dangerous pressure release without damaging the diaphragm. The cost of security maintenance is significantly reduced.